Red Spot "Soon the small red spot grew into a small red boil."
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Ted Martin
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Appearance The Thing
Ted Martin is one of the characters from the story The Thing in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


Ted Martin spent a lot of time with his friend Sam Miller. One night, the two were sitting on a fence near the post office talking about random things. Suddenly, something crawled out of the turnip field across the road and started walking towards them. Ted and Sam ran, but then decided to back and try to see what the thing was. Sam walked up to the thing and tried to make out what it was. Ted, terrified, by it's skeletal appearance, ran and Sam followed him.

Once they reached Ted's house, they stood inside watching the thing standing out in the road before it disappeared.

The following year, Ted got sick and died with Sam by his bedside. According to Sam, Ted looked just like the creature when he died.